Welcome back to my blog. I’ve thought about what a lot about what to write next,then I deciced that the reason why I chose the name ‘NEG’ is a great place to start.

So why  the name ‘NEG’ many  ask, I chose the name, as a homage to my biggest role model MEGHAN MARKLE.

I know it’s not exactly a no-brainer,but i chose the name to honor her, though i doubt there are many people who don’t know who Meghan is, but for those few people who don’t know,she is the actress wife of prince harry, who rose against all odds to the position of a Duchess.

I find her story very intruiging and awe inspiring and know she must be a strong woman to take on the world like she does to be with the one she loves,and still be her own person,it takes courage and strength, the type of woman I aspire to be.

She has a now defunct blog she called the ‘THE TIG’ which was named after her favourite wine ‘TIGNANELLO’,that’s where the name of my blog comes from.

I finally drew courage from this amazing woman to begin the blog I have put off for so long,and I’ll be forever grateful to her for that.

So that’s the not so secret way I came up with the idea of ‘THE NEG’.

Till next time loves,


Hi,I’m just a free spirit trying to make my way in the world. Come with me on my adventure to life, love and happiness.

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