Maybe you are that lady that doesn’t like makeup or doesn’t like too much makeup, or doesn’t have the time to put on a full face of make up in the morning?  Then this is for you.

The “no make-up make-up” is something that seems and looks effortless but in reality it isn’t, it’s very difficult to master. It actually takes a considerable amount of skill, and a not so small number of products, to make it look like you are not/ or are barely warring anything on your face wearing anything on your face. The difference between no makeup and ‘no makeup’ makeup is subtle but can make a huge difference. A light flush, defined eye, and contoured face is all it takes to give you that extra boost.




Always prime your face before any makeup look, it’s the foundation of your makeup. It is important it serves as a barrier between your face and the actual products. My favourite primer is the Mac prep+ prime.


Women of colour usually have two colour tones. You can easily correct this with an orange concealer. The orange concealer is usually used to colour correct and you can use your exact skin tone concealer to hide those spots you don’t want showing through.


You want to start with a sheer or light weight foundation. My favourite is the Mac studio water weight SPF 30 foundation. It gives that barely there look and doesn’t look like you applied anything. Not everyone has or is interested in two foundations. You don’t have to, just use the one you do have and apply it lightly, a layer should do just fine. For that dewy look you can add a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation, to give you a soft glow.


For those of you ladies that have a perfect natural brows, congratulations. But for us who don’t you want to fill out your brows very lightly. You can achieve this with a dark brown brow gel, or eye pencil. Just fill it out enough to give you an illusion of a groomed brows. A well-groomed/defined brows can lift your entire face and transform your entire face.


Contour defines your face, if you want the illusion of a slimmer face, or more defined cheekbones, contour is the way to go. For this you can just use a contour powder lightly.

It makes your face look more defined without making it obvious are wearing makeup.


For your cheeks you want to kind of work with your face and not against. You want to look for a blush that compliments your undertones or a very subtle colour  and apply lightly. You need to be careful not to use too bright colours as this can appear forced. You can apply highlighter if you want but for women with darker skin tones it looks forced. But with the right strokes even the darkest beautiful woman can rock highlighter for the “ no makeup makeup look” the secret? Apply with a light hand to your cheeks.


For a “ no makeup makeup look” you want to use a very subtle eyeshadow ladies, one that is close to your skin colour and apply it lightly.


Chose a nude colour that compliments you skin and apply it to your lips to finish you all look.

Apply your finishing spray and you are good to go ladies!!

As a rule, when doing “no makeup”makeup, less is more. If you don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, these tips can help lift your everyday look without looking obvious.

All the best loves,




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