To every woman out there,you are beautiful!


Let’s be honest,

Not every woman wants to go through the whole process of putting on a whole face of makeup everyday. Or perhaps you are that woman that’s short of time in the mornings, or your normal makeup look is not work or school appropriate, then keep on reading.


One thing every woman should know is that you are absolutely beautiful. You are beautiful without doubt or questions. But we all need that extra boost sometimes. Maybe you want to hide that eye bag that refuses to go away, or you just want to give yourself a face lift without the actual procedure.

Listed below are the steps I took to achieve this look:

Step one


Start with a clean face, this is mandatory for every makeup look. Make sure to exfoliate or at least clean your face with soap and water.

Step 2


The next step is to prime your face I use a Mac prep + prime primer.


You can blend it out with a blender or even your fingers. I blend my primer into my skin with my fingers. Primer is not compulsory, but it is advisable to use one, to stop the makeup from sitting directly on your skin, and to stop your skin from breaking out. It also makes your makeup last longer.

Step 3


Then you fill out your eyebrows, you may skip this step is you have great eyebrows or you just don’t want to go through this process. I personally prefer to go all out while drawing my brows. If you would like a tutorial on how I draw my brows, please comment below.

Step 4


The next step is to colour correct, I use the orange concealer in my pallet to hide my dark spots and to make my skin tone even.

Step 5


The next step is to use foundation.


You can blend out with your fingers, I use a blender to blend my foundation out and  to get an even distribution.


I personally love the Mac studio water weight foundation. It’s so light and easy to blend. After blending it out correctly, you face should look like mine in the picturePicture above.

Step 6


Te next step is to highlight your face.


I use the L.A girl pro conceal highlighter, any concealer that is one or two shades lighter than you skin should do.


I have marked the places that need to be highlighted. Then you blend out.

Step 7


Apply setting powder over the highlight. To set the concealer and stop it from creasing.

Step 8


The next step is to contour, mind you,this step is not compulsory. Do you want to add definition to your face, or make your face appear slimmer? Then this step is for you. I’ve marked the places you need to contour.


Then you blend the concealer out. A darker concealer is needed to achieve this.

Step 9


The next step is to apply lipstick, but since this is an everyday look I applied a lip-gloss that I use everyday.

Step 10


The next step is to apply your foundation powder, to bring the whole look together. I use the Mac studio fix foundation powder.

Step 11


This is my favourite step, it’s time for the finishing spray!!! Yay!!! Finishing spray helps blend your makeup together and makes it stay in place.

I have other make up posts read them Here and Here , leave me a comment if you need more support.

Behind the scene photos!!!




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With love,





  1. dewalemi says:

    Good explanatory write up. Next thing, you need to convert this to a Youtube video and post again on your blog. Keep it up, Bolu


  1. […] I continue, I should point out that this is not a full tutorial, I already have a full tutorial here check it […]


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