How to get perfect radiant skin for women


We have all had to deal with one skin issue or another at some point in their lives, whether it’s acne, dryness, sensitivity, discoloration or wrinkles. While it’s impossible to avoid or eliminate most of these issues entirely, you can minimize and manage them.

We are not all blessed it’s flawless skin, that require no maintenance. At least in my case it is not so, if I want my skin to look half decent or presentable, I have to work hard, like really hard at it.

While I’ve already shared my Go to ways to get clear skin at home and SIMPLE AND EASY SKIN CARE ROUTINE YOU SHOULD KNOW IN YOUR 20s in previous posts you should totally check them out. I have also put together a list of everyday simple stuffs I do to keep acne off my face and prevent breakouts without really trying, it’s more of a habit I’ve developed if you ask me but they are efficient and do not require you to spend unnecessarily, and most importantly they work and are easy to execute.


Listed below are the steps I take to keep my face presentable:

Eat right


Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” This is not only true for maintaining a perfect figure or weight, it’s true for healthy skin too. We are what we eat, have you tried everything you can and your skin problems seem to be fluctuating, or even escalating? Then try repairing your skin from the inside. You need to reduce the intake of oily and fatty foods, try eating more of:

  • Salads
  • Green vegetables
  • Omega 3 rich foods eg fish(salmon)
  • Avocado
  • Fruits

You won’t only be doing your body a favour but your skin too.

Clean your face thoroughly

Do you Clean your makeup off your face completely every night? I am guilty of this, sometimes I get home and I’m just too tired to clean my makeup that I just take go to bed like that, then I wake up looking like Dracula’s little sister (not really but you get the picture). This is a great way to murder your skin, literally. This is a bad habit that has devastating effects on your skin, it leads to clogging of pores, breakouts, irritation, to name a few.

No matter how tired you are, please wash your makeup off before you go to bed or at the very least, wipe makeup off with facial wipes.

Clean your phone too

You are probably wondering what the hell is she writing now? But have you ever had a full face of makeup on and then received a call. When you drop the call do you see imprints of your makeup on your phone screen? What do you do then? Just wipe it on a towel or your jeans? What about when you receive calls with your oily, dirty face, do you clean your phone then too? Clean your phone screen at least every 3 days to remove the buildup of dirt and oil that can lead to breakouts and irritation if left uncleaned.

Keep your hands to yourself


Have you ever heard of the song I can’t keep my hands to myself? Well the opposite is the case here you MUST keep you hands to your self. In what context you are probably asking, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Have you ever seen that pimple on your face in the mirror and you are literally fighting your hands not to touch them? It’s hard to see a pimple on your face and not what to pop it, but popping it is very bad, it leads to inflammation, it can also spread to other pores and voila you have a pimple galore where you previously had one. When you see a pimple on your face apply a cream or lotion or any other treatments designed for curing pimples. Popping pimples can lead to scarring, and scars are hard to get rid of and worse still, some don’t ever leave, don’t pop pimples ever period.

Change pillowcase

You are probably thinking I wash my face everyday why do I have to change my pillowcase. You have to change your pillowcase because oil and dirt from your hair, drools, and dirt from your neck have more than likely gotten on the pillowcase. The buildup of this oil, dirt and drool can lead to spread to your face and lead to spreading of bacteria, which leads to infection and various other skin problems that shall forever remain unnamed. Make sure to change your pillowcase every few days to prevent these skin problems.

Use less makeup


Ever heard the saying less is more? It’s true. Using different or too much makeup products on your face can lead to buildup of these products in your pores (horrific) which will lead to breakouts and irritation and inflammation, not to mention that these products all have different chemicals in them and that one chemical may be advised not to be used with another and since you don’t read or don’t understand these chemicals, you use the together and create a perfect recipe for disaster. Let those pores breathe ladies, use less makeup.

Wash makeup brushes

I am not going to ask you to wash your makeup brushes everyday, because if someone told me that, I’d probably tell them they were crazy. Wash makeup brushes once in every 10 days or weekly, to remove buildup of oil, dirt, bacteria and the products to prevent spreading bacteria to your face.

Be consistent with skin care routine

Consistency is the path to success regardless of the skin care routine you follow. If you follow your makeup routine once in a while or depending on your mood even if it’s the most expensive or effective on the market it won’t do you any good. For any makeup routine to be successful you need to be consistent with it. Don’t follow it today and then wait till new years to do it again. Be consistent. I already have a post on SIMPLE AND EASY SKIN CARE ROUTINE YOU SHOULD KNOW IN YOUR 20s be sure to read it.



In the light of complete transparency with my readers, I have to say I didn’t see the need to use sunscreen. I used to say do black people need sunscreen? The truth is you need sunscreen regardless of your skin colour. Even black people can get tan, remember that. Before I started using sunscreen my face, neck, hands and feet were totally tan, after I started using spf I can totally say I’ve had less sun damage.

Oral antibiotics

For people like me, who have pimples regardless of what we do. I use oral antibiotics to kill the micro-organisms from inside my body. The ones I use are tetracycline and erythromycin. But you should consult your doctor before you use any drug for anything. I’m not prescribing anything I’m just telling you what works for me. In the first week I started using the oral antibiotics my pimples dried up, all of them. But I wasn’t consistent and that leads us back to what I said about consistency earlier, consistency is key!

Pat dry

Rubbing your face with a towel or cloth can cause irritation and bruising or even inflammation. So instead of that you can pat dry your face after you wash or just leave it to dry by itself.

These are the steps I follow as much as I can to Keep my face healthy, let me know the steps you take too.

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Love & Light,



I am not a physician, and drugs mentioned in this post are what I personally use,after I consulted a licensed physician. This is for illustration purposes only, it is not a prescription. If you have any skin problems and want to use any drugs to treat them, consult a physician first.


Hi,I’m just a free spirit trying to make my way in the world. Come with me on my adventure to life, love and happiness.

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  1. I like your skin! looks so flawless ❤


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