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10 Things I wish I knew before I started blogging


I have only been blogging for a month and few days now, I know that’s not a long stretch of time by any definition, but in the little time I’ve  been blogging, I’ve learned quite a few lessons and that I am going share with you.

Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been blogging:

Blogging is a full-time job


Did I have to learn this the hard way? The answer is yes. Before I started my blog, I read a few articles about blogging that suggested that blogging doesn’t take much time and how you can just sit at your  computer, write and viola, it’s done. It’s not so for me, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m just starting out, more than anything else, I know that there might be bloggers that don’t go through stress and all that. Kudos to them, I know that it takes a while to get to that level. But why doesn’t anyone talk about how hard it is to start-up? I mean for me that’s not in anyway, shape or form a tech guru or very computer savvy, it was extra hard, I had to figure out how to do a lot of things myself and when it got to a point I had to run to my friend’s husband who is a tech guru to help me out.

My blog is still a work in process and all that, and there are a lot of things that could change, but it’s better than it was, I was so frustrated sometimes that I burst out in tears.

My advice to you? If you can find anyone who can help you set things up, do it, don’t allow yourself to become frustrated like I was, save yourself a couple of sleepless nights and breakdowns.

You need to have a well thought out plan

The mistake a lot of people make, including me is saying “it’s just blogging, how hard can it be?” It can be quite hard, and you need to have a well thought out plan. In what sense you might ask? Thank you for asking!

You need to:

  1. Find a niche: This goes two ways you don’t have to settle on one particular/narrow niche. Take for example, I chose lifestyle niche because it covers a whole range of topics from Beauty, to travel and everyday life, you can basically write anything. I also added beauty and fashion because, I love to use makeup and I love fashion. I chose a niche I can work with.
  2. Be passionate: Be passionate about your blog, don’t treat it like a hobby or a joke, treat it as something that could potentially make you money or connections or even fame(well kinda). I’m not saying to write everyday like some bloggers say, because it’s impossible, at least for me. Some days I don’t feel like writing, other days I am discouraged and some days I just want a break, but the key is to stay consistent and true. If you can only write 5 times a day, do it. Don’t say because you want to write everyday, then you have an excuse to write anything and whatever pops into your head.

You have to invest in your blog(Nothing is for free)

Yes, you read that right, you have to invest in your blog, and I don’t just mean time, although that’s a no brainer. I mean money, you have to pay for hosting, and themes and email lists, and marketing and seo, the list is endless. But also remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, take your time and pay for what you can afford. I haven’t paid for most of these things yet, because I can’t afford them now. I’m cutting my coat accord to my clothe, sorry not sorry.

Just keep it in mind that you are going to have to invest financially in your blog. Moving to time, yes you are going to have to invest time and more time and even more time into your blog, because you never know which post is going to drive traffic to your blog, so what ever your hands find to do, do it diligently.

It takes time and patience

All good things take time, we all know that, but sometimes blogging requires more patience than time, watching your numbers and wondering why they are not growing, then they grow, and then they stop growing is very frustrating.

My advice, you need patience to blog, and then more patience and then even more patience. You can’t have too much patience.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself( get help)

Like I said earlier, you need help with your blog you are not superhuman. If I would have approached my friend’s husband for help earlier, I wouldn’t have worked my self up so many times and would have prevented a few of my headaches and breakdowns and save a couple of tissues.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and most help you can’t get online sorry, I searched online about how to convert my site map to XML and they said a lot of jargon I could not understand, I was frustrated, I didn’t understand the tech nonsense and they seemed too complicated. When I approached my friend’s husband he did it in 2 minutes on my phone, 2 minutes!!, was all I needed to stop my frustrations and tears. So please as much as you can, boycott searching online you will only get conflicting information and become more confused.

You never stop learning

This is so true, you never stop learning when it comes to blogging, you learn something new everyday. Sometimes I just click on random things on my blog and I’m literally in awe, thinking how didn’t I know that before now? You learn and experience mind-blowing things everyday.

There is so much politics involved

When I say politics, don’t misunderstand me, I mean there are a lot of things to buy and to download and to study it can be depressing sometimes.

In my first week of blogging I was looking for a hosting site and I read so many conflicting articles that I eventually just decided to stay on WordPress. I will be moving to but I can’t do that until 60 days are over, I’m looking forward to that. You learn many things you had no idea existed previously. It can be overwhelming.

It can be frustrating

Don’t I know this, a few sleepless nights and countless meltdowns later, I think I’m in a very good position to tell you that blogging or at least getting a hang of it can be very very frustrating. It’s a real tear jerker(for me at least) when I couldn’t get something to work or look like I want, I get very frustrated. It does get better, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You will feel like giving up


If I had a penny for every time I’ve felt like giving up, I would have over a thousand dollars saved. There are times I felt so overwhelmed and I said to my self “who put you up to this? You can’t deal with this” and I’ll go and sulk and come back later to post something else. Laughing out loud, it’s been quite a journey this past month, I’m literally telling myself “I don’t like stress, give up”. But I have  persisted and I know that one day all of my hard work, sleepless nights and tears will be worth it. So don’t give up, persevere.

You will begin to get a hang of things

This is so true, after a month I can’t say I’ve learned all I will ever need to learn but I have better information than in the first week of blogging, and that is the amazing. Eventually blogging will stop looking like arithmetics and start looking like English I promise.


I don’t know where you are with your blog, but I just want to encourage you not to give up, winners don’t give up, they fight.

I hope I have been able to help you with the list of the 10 things I wish I knew before I started blogging.






Hi,I’m just a free spirit trying to make my way in the world. Come with me on my adventure to life, love and happiness.

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