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Ultimate guide on how to dress for a wedding | All seasons included



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It’s festive season again, yayy!! This is my favourite season of the year. So you have been invited to a wedding? Great, who doesn’t love to celebrate love? I was invited to a wedding a few months back and I could not decide what to wear, and I know there are a lot of people out there who can’t decide what to wear to weddings. If you are one of those people this is for you.

Like the title suggests, this is a complete guide on how to dress for a wedding, it includes:

What to wear in:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

What to wear for:

  • Beach weddings
  • Outdoor weddings

And what not to wear for a wedding.

Spring outfit ideas


Spring represents renewal and rebirth. It represents the rebirth of plant life after a hard, dry winter. The warming weather revitalizes plant life, adding color to the drab outdoors. Dress for a wedding in this season by wearing colourful  and light materials. Dress colourful, but not too much colour to take attention away from the bride.

Outfit ideas


This dress is perfect for a spring wedding, it’s for sale on The material is light and breezy and with enough colour for a spring wedding. You can dress this up or down as you please.


This cute number is on sale on, you can bring a light jacket with this in case you get cold get cold and you can also remove it if you get hot, it’s a win win situation all around.


This number is on sale on, this dress can be paired with a blush or nude bag, and shoes.


If prints are not your thing, then this cute number is for you.


Need a little more colour? This red number from is a great choice


Not a fan of dress? Okay, this jumpsuit is for you


This skirt and shirt combination is a winner.

Now you have 7 examples of outfits for spring weddings, you have no excuse not to slay now.


Remember spring is characterized by quickly changing temperatures, so be ready for whatever nature throws at you. Always bring a sweater, trench coat, light jacket, or pair of leggings handy — it is always easy to take off layers if you get hot.

Summer outfit ideas


Summer is a fun time to experiment with new styles that you don’t normally get to wear when it’s colder. Also remember that it can get really hot in summer, so wear very light outfits in summertime.

Outfit ideas


This cute number is from, it’s perfect because it has an amazing cut and you can’t get too hot in this number.


This navy number from is not just cute and sophisticated, it’s perfect for a summer wedding. You can dress this up or down, you decide!


For the love of lace. This number has a light material and it’s just so cute.


This emerald number is cute and perfect for a summer wedding, you can dress it down or go all out with your accessories and dress it up.


This material on this number is just perfect or summer and will keep you from getting too hot


Feeling a little daring? This monochrome number is perfect, it shows just the right amount of skin acceptable for a wedding.


This skirt and shirt combo is perfect for a summer wedding, te materials are very light and breezy and you won’t get hot.

Fall outfit


The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker and longer  and it’s getting colder! Well, have no fear! This article will guide you on how to dress for a wedding in fall and still stay chic, the secret is to wear layers.

Outfit ideas


This outfit is perfect for a fall wedding, the dress has a thick material and you the jacket will keep you warm.


This pant and blazer combo can be worn alone or with a trench coat for additional warmth.



We all know that darker colours are better to keep warm, this black number is perfect for a fall wedding but for extra warmth you can wear a trench coat over it.


This outfit is perfect for a fall wedding, the skirt and top combo have a thick material, you can add a coat over it for extra warmth


This pant and top set can be layered with a blazer to keep warm


I know that black is frowned on in some cultures, and considered not wedding appropriate, but there is no such restrictions in my culture and can make a very nice wedding guest outfit.


This outfit is perfect for fall, you can layer it up or  choose not to.

Winter outfit ideas


Cool weather is a fun time for layering  your favorite clothes, but you need more than that when the weather gets really cold. Luckily, there are ways to stay warm while still looking great!

Outfit ideas


Winter is a great time to bring that suit set out and layer it up.


A maxi dress is always a great idea in winter



Winter is the time for boots and coats





This can be layered with a trench coat



The best way to dress up in winter for any occasion is to layer up. Wear layers and dark colours to keep warm.

Beach weddings outfit ideas



The beach is a beautiful setting for a wedding, with a backdrop of gorgeous blue waters and the distant call of flying gulls. But the Dilemma is how do you dress for a beach wedding?

Outfit ideas


Beach weddings are the perfect occasions to wear your  free, breezy dresses.






My advice for beach weddings will be to ditch the heels and wear flats or sandals if you must wear footwear, also remember to bring a shawl or scarf or even light jacket or coat, in case you get cold.

Outdoor wedding outfit ideas


When dressing for an outdoor wedding, as a guest, you can select your outfit based on weather conditions, the style or theme of the wedding, and the wedding location.

Outfit ideas


This number is cute and perfect for an outdoor wedding, it can also double as a reception dress.


This jumpsuit is perfect for an outdoor wedding.






What to not wear to a wedding

  • White: it’s not appropriate to wear to a wedding, unless it’s an all white wedding. But if it is not an all white wedding then do not wear white, leave the white to the bride, it’s her day. If you must wear white then wear off white or cream.
  • Revealing clothes: this is not just unacceptable, it is offending, yes we know you look great in that romper or that short or that mini skirt, but please do not wear that to a wedding, keep it for an appropriate occasion.
  • Jeans: I don’t know why people think it’s good or even proper to wear jeans to a wedding, it’s not.
  • Too much makeup: you would be surprised att the number of women that wear heavy makeup to attend weddings, it’s not right. Please wear subtle makeup or light makeup.
  • Dresses cut too low: there is a great chance that family and friends will be at the wedding you are invited to, please don’t go shoving your boobs in people’s faces no matter how great they are.


Weddings are happy occasions, I think we can all agree to that, I hope you found this article helpful.
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Love & Light,


The pictures and images used in this articles are not mine, most of them are from, I got the others on Pinterest. I have no claim to these photos. I lay no claim to these photos. They are for illustration purposes only.

Hi,I’m just a free spirit trying to make my way in the world. Come with me on my adventure to life, love and happiness.

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